Participants Youth WDF ranking 2018


a. The W. F. O. D is for anyone, amateur or professional, regardless of membership of other darts leagues or associations.

b. Players that are excluded for the Winmau World Masters and/or lakeside Professional Championships can not participate in the single tournament. The W.F.O.D. is a registered and BDO WDF event.


c. Participation in the W.F.O.D. is valid after payment of the mandatory entry fees.

d. Exception is for foreign players, this may on the day itself only in euros the registration fee. This should be too.


a. Participants have until  March 4 2018 register themselves via the website. There is no option on the day itself to sign up.

b. The athlete/star should be on time on the day of tournament. When the participant is not in time to turn up , the Organization has the right to cancel the match and to let the occurred participant appear as loser.

c. Participants who have registered and from non-EU countries have the opportunity to the entry fees at the table in euro.

d. Participants in the youth tournament must be less than 18 years on the day of the event. This means that they should be born on March 16, 2000 or later. Participants who before the event 18 years or older, must participate in the seniors tournament on Sunday. That applies to anyone who is born on before or on March 17, 2000. Boys and girls who are 16 or 17 years old may participate to the seniors tournament which is scheduled on the Sunday.

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