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West-Fries Open 2020 changed date, changes its name and expand para darts and specials.

Despite the nice weather the organization is not silent. To many sides we are working hard and we have already achieved a great deal.


is undergoing a lot of changes in positive form.

So will the name change now from West-Fries Open To West-FriesInternational Darts.

TACC Talen has once again the sponsorship contract extends. Fellow with helping hands and and many more

Finally the status granted to A for both days at both men and women single, para darts will be extended and the biggest news what we now can bring is that the date has been changed.


The date for the 5the West- Fries International will be march 6th, 7th and 8th 2020. A wise decision said President Cor Smit. The program continues as it is only a few weeks we are going forward.


The status of the single parts is also finally awarded and so there will be for all seniors single parts a A-status. This is faster as last year giving us the time we need in order to be able to organize everything and to make it a real party for 3 days of good darts.

TACC Talen for second year sponsorde jaar sponsor

TACC Talen had also the contract for 2020 lengthens and also in 2020 will various statute labour. The sponsor of the stage will also offer much support in 2020. ' it's a beautiful professional organization, just like there is a TACC Talen, there we fit well with ' said TACC Talen.


De organisatie heeft, ook vanwege de goede opkomst bij de paradarts in 2019. Voor 2020 deze uitgebreid naar een Open en Masters. 2 toernooien voor de paradarts is wel op zijn plaats meent Cor Smit. Nu zal er op 7 en 8 maart 2020 een single toernooi zijn. Niet alleen voor de paradarts maar ook voor de specials is dit doorgevoerd.

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